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UK's Lensball and Refraction Photography Specialists - 80mm Lensball Package on Special until the remaining few stock runs out! 

The 80mm Lensball Package is an excellent choice for both quality and providing an amazing packaging experience with the UV gloss coated lensball photography box. There is no substitute for the best quality photographic crystal ball and responsive shipping time, our lensballs come from our UK warehouse while most competitors will distribute theirs from China. Furthermore, we ship free from our UK fulfilment warehouse. 

So before purchasing your lensball consider where is the lensball actually come from and how long will it really take to get to you?

Refractique’s Lensball is the best way to learn about refraction photography. It is a must to learn as any photographer. As a dreamer you will experience a sense of wonder and child-like imagination through the dream-like images you will capture through the Lensball.

Bokeh through digital enhancement post production can also work with the background mystifying the imagery further or you can use the computer also to flip the image from the usual inverted image you'll get in the Lensball due to the refraction effect (so through digital editing you can also get the image appearing the "normal" way rather than inverted). Check out the brand new 80mm Refractique Lensball Vivid with the Globalise Video Course if you'd like to get the Lensball as well as learn everything you need to know about Lensball Photography. The course is outstanding and features hours of content. 

Get Refractique’s 80mm Lensball Vivid Package, we don’t substitute on professional photographic quality, so we feature the best K9 Crystal in the market. We also provide free Royal Mail 48 hour delivery so from fulfilment to your door it will on average take just 2-4 days. We support real UK based jobs being local and our UK economy.

Order today, whether a gift or a self-purchase your family & friends or creative genes will thank you!